Perous Secret Diary - Stay Out! Photo diary of photographer Perou 11783 Perou September 15, 2019: please mind the gap September 15, 2019

11784 Perou September 15, 2019: September 15, 2019

11785 Perou September 15, 2019: September 15, 2019

11786 Perou September 15, 2019: September 15, 2019

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11787 Perou September 14, 2019: smurf September 14, 2019

lord Hamilton and Marco down for the weekend

hair changes colour

11782 Perou September 13, 2019: Friday the 13th September 13, 2019

took maximum to London by train for his fitting for the vin+omi show at the savoy next week

then biked to ashford for paint

was just considering Friday the 13th probably isn't a good day to be riding motorbikes

when a bee (or wasp) hit me in the face and stung me immediately, on impact

good case for a full face helmet right there

that lump in front of my ear isn't usually there: it wasn't fillers gone wrong

burns like a MF

fish Friday in faversham

had off-the-hook (almost literally) Huss and giant prawns BBQ'd on the bank of the creek, supplied right off the fishing boat that caught them

maximum and z were asked how the event could be better for people of their age

maximum replied totally deadpan (as he meant it) "you could have different hats for people to try on'"

a couple of cocktails and some good house music at the hot tin after

happy friday 13th

11781 Perou September 12, 2019: September 12, 2019

on today's shoot, so much went wrong technically, we had to consider what phase the moon was on.

no surprises to find it FULL and fucking with everything 

two separate hasselblads went down mid shoot and a lens

AND the two separate hired computers

despite that, i fought through the nonsense and ended the day, knackered but victorious 

11780 Perou September 11, 2019: September 11, 2019

11779 Perou September 10, 2019: after party September 10, 2019

i'm too busy scanning negs and re-retouching things for the Marilyn Manson book

so here's an old picture of me, after Manson's birthday party in 1999

i'd been in LA to photograph him for a magazine: Q or the Guardian  

young 28 in my schoolboy look

11778 Perou September 09, 2019: mr bunny by z September 09, 2019

i'm doing unexpectedly long hours on the Marilyn Manson book