Perous Secret Diary - Stay Out! Photo diary of photographer Perou 11587 Perou July 18, 2019: misunderstanding Marilyn Manson July 18, 2019

feel my pain

follows, just some of the AI guesswork I had to correct from the 3.5hr, 25,000 word auto-transcribed conversation I had with marilyn manson about the pictures going in the photo-book we're doing.

I was tempted to leave it as it was, but it took hours of going back over the tapes to understand what was actually being said.
some repeated words were transcribed differently each time

but sometimes ze komputer was strangely perceptive with it's chinese whispers.

spoken (in fairness, sometimes mumbled) word followed by version/s

I didn't make these up. imagine the confusion:

Marilyn Manson / Marilyn Nelson / Marry Medicine / Marylanders And

Perou / A room

Columbine / Column line

doomed shoot / gymn shoe

Kate Moss / Came Off

nice enemy / knife

cape / cake

treatment / trio

Philip Atwell / Feel about Well

bouquet of knives / bouquet of eyes

chocolate covered peanuts / chocolate covered penis

hair guy / heavy bag

a meat cleaver / I make the user

dead animals / dinner

goth / golf 

John 5 / Junk Files

pre existing lights / pretty she's nuts

Johnathan Pervasey / So Just Above A Sue / Jogging for Bassie / Trying to Move a See

I think I did two shoots in there / I think I did two sheep in there

cocaine / cooking

press session / procession

scars is history / snorts history

Courtney / it's Cording

tour / to her

polaroid / paranoid

lens / lion

business / pissing in

you really fucked it / I'm tight uptick

dressing room / restaurant 
a leather / I love the

gay porn / gay icon

I pitch you catch / I pissed in your case

Johnny Depp / Giant Up

you're looking up to god your father / you're looking up to god your farm now

that was a good shoot / that was a good shoe

back stage / ice age

pool shoot / bullshit

dita / detail

later in the book / later in the boat

so much crap / some witchcraft 

it's in your garden / it's in your gun

all the straws / all the struggle 

vinyl enthusiast / vile enthusiast 

Hollywood tour / Hollywood sewer  

bashing in someone's face / fashion in someone's face

David la Chapelle / they were spells

Nutzer Ebb / Nights arab / lights red

Tony Ciulla / Tommy Steele 

place to put a gun / closed polygon

vivienne westwood ring / with him was would drink

yeah Jesus Christ / yeah he's gay

15 letters / shifting motors

my cheek / the beach 

magical / lodge equal

Helnwein / Hound wines

mechanical animals or Holywood? / the cave animals are holding one

fuck em / rock em


11586 Perou July 17, 2019: the office 9am weds morning July 17, 2019

DTT at 5am for another little shoot with ant and dec

green (chroma or otherwise: this is summer green) is one of my LEAST favourite colours for a background

was over by 11.30am

torturous RTK via two ideas, a BBQ and a wicket aka two ikeas, a b&q and a wickes

soon I'll post some of the auto dictation mess ups from the Marilyn Manson conversation I had to transcribe for the book: they're quite something: sometimes strangely perceptive

Marilyn Manson...or should we say 'marry medicine' or 'marylanders'?

signing off for now, 'a room' I mean, 'perou'

11585 Perou July 16, 2019: count step every make July 16, 2019


11584 Perou July 15, 2019: July 15, 2019

11583 Perou July 14, 2019: un happy July 14, 2019

there is a hole

in our door

and our lives

11582 Perou July 13, 2019: happy cat oct 2017- July 2019 RIP July 13, 2019

with great sadness, we're coming to terms with the fact that our cat, 'happy' was probably the cat the council bin-men scraped off the road, round the corner from our house, at 6am this morning

he went out on the kill last night and did not return

would have been more fitting if the local wildlife had put out a contract on him, or if he'd been eaten by some kind of bigger predator

hit by car though.
hopefully sudden and not painful

as much of psycho bastard as he was, he was very lovable, vocal, had a large character beyond his size and we will all miss him terribly

me more than I thought I would, it seems

a bon viveur, gone too soon

he was an outside cat though and took his chances: I wouldn't have wanted to deprive him of the wind in his fur, the sun in his face and the chance to stalk through undergrowth 

we'll be raising a glass to happy the cat: see you in your next life

if you don't 'get' cats or understand their importance in our world (or even if you just love cats) find a copy of nobuyoshi araki's 'Chiro my love'

11580 Perou July 12, 2019: July 12, 2019

11581 Perou July 12, 2019: July 12, 2019


11575 Perou July 11, 2019: babe July 11, 2019

continued writing for the Marilyn Manson book

then caught an easy train to London with this page 3 stunner

don't say 'marshmallow'

11576 Perou July 11, 2019: July 11, 2019

"max, a bowl of dry cereal is not dinner'