Perous Secret Diary2 - Stay Out! Photo diary of photographer Perou 11719 Perou August 20, 2019: small but deadly August 20, 2019

don't let anyone tell you, 'your shit don't stink'

11717 Perou August 19, 2019: kingsX st pancreas August 19, 2019

11718 Perou August 19, 2019: two sides of the same road August 19, 2019

what side the tracks you born on makes a difference

TTT (train to town)

for a me-ting with mark and martin

in a posh bland generic hotel, that used to be a grotty, wonderful, photogenic hotel, one could rent by the hour (for photoshoots)

kingsX is 'nice' now

i preferred it before when it was edgy and dirty, dangerous: ALIVE and EXCITING

11713 Perou August 18, 2019: Melinda and Jem August 18, 2019

lovely couple: lovely hair

at an old haunt: pub on the park on London fields for a pint and quick catch up

11714 Perou August 18, 2019: OKER is a saint August 18, 2019