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stopped at the pro centre to pick up coloramas

then got stopped by the fuzz who were kind enough to point out the perou-mobile wasn't MOT'd

they said it was ok to drive away so long as I was driving to a pre-booked MOT test

I said I was driving to a pre-booked photoshoot in middlesex

this infraction was a simple oversight (officer) I have tax and insurance on the perou-mobile and I THOUGHT I had a valid MOT

£50 fine: fine: it's a fair cop

me-linda cunningly suggested we dropped perou-mobile at andy's and got an uber to shoot and back while it was MOT'd

instead, Andy loaned me his obscene, pimped out AMG mercedes G-wagon to use for a few days while mine has some work done after the MOT

had a short shoot with Eniola Aluko after a very long set up and wait

RTK trying not to tear up the m25 (too much)