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faversham safari

faversham safari

100 yard sales in a day
time to empty the house of surplus

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how did this bird get in our bedroom while we were doing the yard sale?

the door was shut

the windows were shut

the chimneys are sealed

it's a mystery

lucky for the bird, 9 isn't quite the pyscho-killer that happy was and maximum was able to catch and release him

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amusingly, amongst all the Brik and Brac that we had out for sale 

i also put out several thousand pounds worth of my original framed photos for sale, for super-cheaps

for my own amusement and to clear out some space

i sold one framed, 1 of 1, original print of David Beckham for £10 (to a friend of bob's, an existing client of mine)

and the end of play the rest were returned indoors, unsold.

the last print I sold publicly went for £1600 

so well done bob's friend!

despite that we had a happy yard sale and met some nice neighbours and neighbours's dogs

z did a fresh lemonade stall

apart from my prints and lots of DVD box sets
we sold most of what we set out

the house sighs a sigh of relief: it feels much better emptied of spare