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cat fractions

cat fractions

wasn't a great start to the day:

woke up hungover 

drove my truck into lucy's truck 

dented and scraped mine and her's remains unscathed

at the big cat sanctuary, dropped a bit of kit smashing it into small pieces 

and one of my hasselblads would only shoot in full magenta breakdown mode
(a recurring problem)

and it turns out i'm so allergic to cheetahs, i started losing the ability to breathe


my uncle ken is out of his chemically induced coma and is making good improvements

(thankyou for all the well wishes and kind thoughts: i believe in the power of positive thought and targeted good vibes: maybe these were called prayers before?)

and we got some GREAT shots of Nias, the tiger who hates me most AND some cheetahs
après shoot, returned home and took antihistamine

i am breathing again